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The modern dory fleet of today evolved from boats that went to sea from Cape Kiwanda more than 100 years ago. There’s no other marine fishery exactly like this anywhere in the world, and similar ones have either declined or disappeared. But the Pacific City dory fleet met the technological changes over the past century.

More than 300 vessels call Pacific City their “home port” and we’re recognized by federal, state and local governments on the west coast. Thousands of visitors travel to the Cape every year to enjoy this unique and traditional activity. And in order to retain our historic corner of the world, a Dorymen’s Association was formed.

The Association was formed in 1996 and became a recognized non-profit organization in 2004. It’s governed by 13 officers on the Board of Directors with semi-annual membership meetings in May and August. The challenge for the Association is to preserve our ability to access and launch our boats from Oregon’s public beaches. But it’s more than that. Our officers and members serve on many governmental boards and commissions that are charged with regulating the marine and freshwater environment, and safety at sea is a primary effort. Less than six dorymen have lost their lives while dory fishing during the past century.

Yes, even if you don’t own a dory. Our more than 350 members live in most of the western states and mail their contributions to “The Dorymen’s Association, Inc., Post Office Box 728, Pacific City, Oregon 97135”. You’ll receive not less than two “Dorymen’s News” publications each year and persons donating $50 or more receive a receipt for tax purposes without requesting one. You may also email us at

Pacific City Dorymen’s Association Inc.

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